Clarity In Muddy Waters

Clarity In Muddy Waters
I am just a tiny speck in our beautiful mass

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum...and more nonsense!

The Gods are killing me with this over abundance of snow.  Enough already...please.  Driving should now be referred to as slip sliding away. Maybe the ice-age is looming and we are just too dense to see it.  I'm positive the dinosaurs didn't take it seriously as they munched on green leaves or each other.  They obviously didn't have the last laugh.

My heart is healing.  I think I need to wear a chastity belt for the next year.  I simply get too dick stupid.  Throw in feelings with great sex and you have a recipe for success or great disaster.  Raise you hand if you have experienced great disaster. Both of mine are up in the air.  The positive note is that we learn from each mistake and we move forward.  Or we just keep repeating the same mistakes over and over and expect different results which is the definition of insanity.  My lesson has been learned.  Albeit at much expense, emotional and financial.  Whenever I fuck up it is never on a small scale.  Always balls to the wall lose it all type of fucking up.  Too old and too tired to repeat the game.   I would prefer a dog to a man any day.  They are loyal without a fault and listen to my inane pillow talk at night as if they are deeply interested.   I have yet to meet a man who can match those qualities.

Went out to dinner with my dear friend Joe last night and we went to one of our usual spots.  Last night was our favorite greek-owned diner.  Had some phenomenal eggnog and a great tilapia dinner.  Joe and I have a friendship that is about 4 years old.  He is the voice of reason and bluntness in my world.  Everyone needs a friend that can be blunt and honest with them.  I help him muddle his way in this new technology driven world that makes him insane.  ( He was born in 1937). He is my voice of reason.  I still cant get him to learn or even understand text messaging.  Direct quote- " If someone wants to converse with me, why the fuck can't they pick up their goddamned phone and speak.  Why must they type a bunch of words that can be spoken"  I understand his thinking.

So now I am packing my bag and getting ready to go back to my side of the tracks.  I live in a small, quaint part of Pa.  He lives on the "Mainline"  (things simply cost more here because of the zipcode) He prefers my cozy apt. to his gigantic house.  Ironic huh?

Happy New Year to all and be thankful for the little things in your life.  I am learning that they are the most important. Peace!