Clarity In Muddy Waters

Clarity In Muddy Waters
I am just a tiny speck in our beautiful mass

Friday, February 21, 2014


Yes, I get miserable when it dumps tons of snow in my world.  It has been non-stop.  I than go to Joe's
house last week (forgot my laptop) and he is snowed in, no coffee, pipe tobacco or good food.  He has a very steep driveway and he couldn't get his car out. Not once did his kids call to check on him. I brought a girlfriend with me and she got his car to the top of his driveway.  We went grocery shopping, cooked meals in advance and basically kept him sane.  I just arrived back here and this time I remembered my laptop.  I have missed writing and reading everyone else.  He was without power for 4 days.  I just arrived here tonight and am pleased to see things are still in order.  I am staying until Monday.  Oh yeah his one child called at the end of the blizzard to see if he has decided what to do with the house and remind him that their son's birthday was coming up so he could remember to send a check. What good children.....ahem...bullshit....Just calling them like I see 'em.  They hate me.  Seems they never knew Dad had any money and when they found out how generous he has been with me they exploded.  They think I am Anna Nicole Smith lol.  I have been with this man for 4 years.  I didn't know he was well off when I met him at Denny's.  It's amazing what greed does to a family..rather sad if you ask me.  So trying to find time to be back in the blog-o-sphere.  Now I shall read up on what everyone else has been doing. Peace!!!!!